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Practice Arena with two ice Surfaces

This is still a fairly economical solution to fulfill the ice-time needs of a larger community or of several larger neighborhoods. It should be centrally located within easy reach of all the population it serves. This facility is still primarily designed for practice, although of course games and scrimmages are possible. The two ice surfaces in this facility also allow for more public skating hours, as well as giving a possibility to set one rink up for figure skating or short-track.

Seating Capacity: less than 200
Purpose: practice and some scrimmages
Features: two ice surfaces, at least one should be full-size 30m x 60m, the other could be smaller.
Land needed: ca 5.2 acres / 2.1 hectares



Medium Ice Rink

Compared to the Small Project

  • More ice surface
  • More ice time available
  • One refrigeration unit still enough
  • Same amount of staff needed
  • Nearly twice the structural investments
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Higher operating costs
  • Higher energy consumption

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