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Practice Arena with one ice Surface

A relatively low-investment solution to bring an ice rink to a smaller community, or to add to the ice time needs in a larger community, with existing ice rinks already in place. It should be centrally located within easy reach of all the population it serves. This facility is still primarily designed for practice, although of course games and scrimmages are possible.

Seating Capacity: less than 200

Purpose: practice and some scrimmages

Features: One ice surface, ideally full-size (30 m X 60 m)

Land needed: ca 2.9 acres / 1.2 hectares



IIHF - Practice Arena with one ice Surface
  • Basic investment costs
  • One refrigeration unit needed
  • Only some technical staff needed
  • Small demand on land and resources
  • Not much ice time available
  • Not suitable for leagues or games
  • Not enough space or infrastructure for many groups or teams

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