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Full Competition Arena with One Practice Rink

Competition Rink for any league games and senior competitions. Can also be used for Division I, II, or III IIHF events, provided enough team facilities are available or can be installed temporarily. The facility's separate practice surface allows for more ice time for various purposes for the local community.


Seating Capacity: approximately 3000 - 6000

Purpose: All League and Junior games, Senior games, Division I, II, or III IIHF championships, plus an additional practice rink for the community

Features: two ice surfaces, one is full-size 30m x 60m with tribunes and service facilities, with full scoreboard, PA System, etc. The practice rink can be a smaller surface with more minimal infrastructure.

Land needed: ca 8.0 acres / 3.3 hectares



Extra Large Ice Rink

Compared to the Large Project

  • One refrigeration unit is still enough
  • Same technical and maintenance costs
  • Better facilities
  • More space for teams, spectators, media, etc.
  • Additional Structural investments
  • More staff required due to larger events
  • Considerably more land required

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