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Important Environmental Considerations

There are a few ways of minimizing the environmental impact of a hockey arena. These include:


  • Building it in a carefully chosen location, well-accessible by the community which will use it, and well-connected to it through public transport
  • Building it after careful technical planning, to ensure all systems are efficient and avoid wastefulness
  • Hiring professional and well-trained staff to run and maintain the arena and all its systems, with a focus on energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly operation.


IIHF Green Initiative

The Hockey Community Making a Difference


  • Turn off lights, TVs, Computers
  • Re-use towels before washing
  • Take public transport to and from the arena
  • Recycle plastic cups and bottles
  • Install bicycle racks near the arena
  • Install energy-saving lights
  • Keep your arena running smoothly and efficiently

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