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Financing Your Arena Project

It is important to remember, in principle, that a hockey arena should be located fairly centrally in an urban environment, to attract as many users as possible. Further, it is worth noting that ice hockey is not the only activity which can take place in an ice rink. It is also suitable for figure skating, short track, free skating, and other games played on ice. The ice surface can also be covered and the space can be used for other sports or entertainment purposes. These are all ways to maximize use and supplement income in a hockey arena. To keep finances under control, remember to build economically, watch the operating expenses, and focus on developing several revenue streams.


The graphic below shows the typical finance flows of an ice hockey arena.


IIHF - Financing Your Arena Project

IIHF - Financing Your Arena Project

The «PUCK INDEX» explained:


Each of the 4 projects in this section is rated according to its Investment Index and its Operating Cost index. The "Small Project" starts out with a 100/100 "Puck Index". The other projects are given a rating as compared to the 100 / 100 base figure. This means that if the next project had a 200/150 rating, it would require 2 times the investment, but only 1,5 times the operating costs.

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